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The scholarship

do we fund?

The LAHF scholarship enables aspiring dancers to attend the Franklin Method teacher training course free of charge. The benefits for dancers are two-fold:

Firstly, Franklin Method teacher training is a very personal journey of learning and development for anyone who takes part. It’s a chance to “relearn” what you know about the body and the way it moves. This knowledge has been show to do wonders for the way dancers perform and feel in their practice.

Secondly, this teacher training provides dancers with a valuable qualification and a new source of income in their careers. The newly acquired teaching knowledge can be used to teach Franklin Method workshops or integrate Franklin Method techniques into dance teaching. Whatever the case, its value for a dancer’s career cannot be understated.

do we fund?

The scholarship is aimed at aspiring dancers aged between 18 and 30. It is also formally designed to support those who could not otherwise afford to attend a Franklin Method teacher training course.