Laura A. Hames Franklin

for Young Dancers
Laura loved to dance and help people reach their full potential. That’s why this scholarship has been set up in her name. We fund physical education for aspiring dancers.

Laura & the Scholarship

About Laura

Laura A. Hames Franklin was a dancer, physical educator, mentor and coach who sadly passed away in early 2021. Laura brought positive change to so many people during her time on Earth, and we hope her legacy can continue to change lives through this scholarship.


This scholarship program is dedicated to supporting the development of young dancers who lack the necessary means to fund tuition. The program has been set up in cooperation with the Franklin Method Institute to enable dancers to participate in education courses free of charge.

Franklin Method

The Franklin Method is a ground-breaking training and embodiment technique. It helps dancers unlock their body’s full potential through exercise, imagery and anatomical understanding. This evidence-based approach played a central role in Laura’s life.

A game-changer for dancers

Franklin Method

Developed by dance teacher and Laura’s husband Eric Franklin, the Franklin Method has been shown to improve physical performance, prevent injury and foster embodiment among dancers.

Looking for

Are you a young dancer? Would you like to take your skills to a new level but lack the required means to fund more training? If so, we would love to hear from you.

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